26 Brutally Honest Atheist Quotes Worth A Read.

Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy


Everyone likes honesty. So, I’ve collected 26 honest quotes from atheists that I have read. I think much of this will come to the surprise of many people (atheists, believers & others) who have experienced the foul tactics of Dawkins, and co. This list will certainly grow (New Atheists are never on shortage of foul, vitriolic statements), and I’ll include any new quotes in a second edition to this article.

Atheism is a faith based belief system:

Many of the New Atheists today like to purport that science and reason support their worldview. Ignore the fact that on an atheistic worldview there is no such thing as reason, and reason needed to do science in the first place. The atheist needs to posit that blind forces of nature from the finite beginning of a purposeless universe gave rise to their cognitive faculties and abilities. This is impossible, unless miracles are…

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